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TASA empowers students to achieve 100% college placement and on-time high school graduation through mentoring and tutoring services.

TASA Tutoring Services and our after school programs help students with study skills to test prep for students of all ages, including elementary and middle school. In addition to our onsite locations, we also partner with local agencies and public, private and charter schools in Southern California to provide tutoring services to all underserved and at risk-youth. TASA’s tutoring categories include STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math), tutoring, homework support, physical activities, healthy snack, social and emotional wellness. TASA provides all the school supplies our students need to finish their homework and school projects including; books, notebooks, construction paper, computers, art supplies, and all tools for each student in all our locations. Our tutoring services include TASA sites, private tutoring, one- on-one, at your home, as well as classroom tutoring. All our partner agencies and schools in Southern California are satisfied with our professional and well-qualified tutors for the quality services we provide for their and our students.


TASA Computer Center isn’t only available to students who are required by their school to finish
their Front Row/Freckle assignment, learn typing, our intro to computer course, online research, TASA
online, wiki space but is also available to our volunteers who need help and access to internet to
prepare them for higher education.


TASA College Prep Course has guided many students on how to apply, where to go to college, what to study, and more.


TASA Acting & Improv Classes are fun and helps our students with imagination, empathy, cooperation, concentration, communication skills and emotional outlet. The classes are taught by a-multi-talented, award winning actor who has a master’s degree in acting, directing and improv in both stage and film.

TASA Drawing & Painting Classes are design to help students fine motor skills, visual analysis, establish concentration, hand-eye coordination, individual confidence and creative problem solving.

TASA Storytelling & Creative Writing Classes benefit our students by listening to the story, character development, places and plot, communication skills, enhances creativity, open to ideas, free thinking and imagination.


TASA’s Library provides computers for students to have access to Internet and carries over a thousand children books,
theatrical plays and screen plays for grades 1 through 8. All books and plays are available for checkout in our library – additional books are added daily. To see our entire list of books and plays please visit the library in person during the library hours.


TASA Youth Soccer – TASA’s soccer programs/ classes are design for beginners, intermediate and advance soccer players. We start from age 2 years and up. TASA Youth Soccer is not only hands on soccer lessons that are coached by well trained soccer players and professional coaches but also helps our students stay fit and healthy. Yes, it is important to coach our students on how to handle and control a soccer ball, how to do different drills. How to play the game and the rules of the game but TASA coaches have decided go an extra mile and coach our young players on how to shoot for their goals. TASA’s Youth Soccer also motivates, drives and guides a self confidence and self- esteem in our young players, builds a work ethic and gives every player responsibility to be in the moment, stay focused and play hard by referees and coaches rules.


TASA Martial Arts – our martial arts classes are taught in a safe and friendly environment. All students are required to wear their TASA martial arts uniforms provided by TASA and their belts. Aside from quality kicks, punches, blocks, rolling, sparring, forms and martial arts weapons they learn for self-defends. Our students also gain self- respect, self-control, self-defense, self-esteem, focus, listening, confidence and discipline. All the students must pass the martial arts test to move on to the next belt.

TASA Youth Dance – Our dance classes are taught by professional dancers. Dance is not only fun but it also builds our students confidence, flexibility, self-esteem, physical strength and balance. Our students are able to connect with music and express themselves mentally and physically.

Creating community connection to help all children succeed!

TASA instructors believes that when parents, families, and communities get involved students tend to earn higher grades, attend school more regularly, stay in school longer, and enroll in higher level programs. TASA’s parent-school-partnerships improve schools, strengthen families, build community support, and increase student achievement and success.

TASA’s mission is to provide after school programs, which include academic support, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) arts programming, enrichment activities and sports in a safe and caring environment.

That all students receive quality after school activities, with positive and respectful adults to mentor and encourage them. We see a world where all our youth stay off the streets away from drugs and alcohol and stay in school to receive a quality education that will prepare them for a future of hope and success.

Together we can give the power back to the teachers and educators who are integral in teaching
your and our students every day. Every dollar you donate goes to provide services and programs
that benefit ALL TASA students. These include: Classroom supplies, field trips, After-school
homework help, Library supplies, Art supplies & Sports equipment. Thank you for your generous

Tinaj Sports Academy


Tinaj Sports & Sports Academy (TASA) youth soccer program consists of 5 seasons throughout the year: Fall, Winter, Mid-Winter, Spring, and Summer. Classes are offered every day of the week in Hollywood,CA. They are located both indoor and outdoor, depending on the season and location. They range from 30 minutes to 1 hour and consist of a warm-up, stretches, soccer basics, soccer activities, and soccer games.


Tinaj Sports Academy
Tinaj Sports Academy
Tinaj Sports Academy


TASA Martial Arts/Tae Kwon Do and Stage Combat is a martial art combat sport, and selfdefense system that focuses on kicking, punching and especially ground fighting. We provide a safe environment for the kids to learn how to defend themselves while having fun. Kids get more confidence, self-respect and responsibility. Kids learn about body awareness, Strength and flexibility. TKD & SC promotes the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend against a bigger, stronger assailant by using leverage and proper technique, most notably by applying kicks and Punches to defeat the other person. Most kids love to kick and punch and roll on the floor. If that sound like your child this is the right program for you. Very active exercise and the quick moves that could drop any adult on the ground makes this martial arts so much fun.

Tinaj Sports Academy
Tinaj Sports Academy


This class is taught in a friendly but disciplined environment and all fitness levels are welcome. Students will participate mentally and physically. We will start off by stretching, warm up, kicking, and punching. After learning the basic fighting skills, we will come up with short fighting choreography’s. Come and find out if there is a difference between combat skills for stage and for screen?

Tinaj Sports Academy
Tinaj Sports Academy
Tinaj Sports Academy
Tinaj Sports Academy


The young dancers are introduced to creative movement exercises that foster body coordination, rhythmic awareness and path to explore their own imagination.

Pre Ballet class & Pre-tap 45 minutes both in one class for kids ages 2-12 years old.



*  Drama

*  Stage to screen

*  Audition for Camera

*  Writing

*  Reading

*  Improv

*  Cooking

*  Stage Combat

*  Martial Arts

*  Soccer

*  Tutoring

*  Homework

*  Online

*  And more…

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