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To Whom It May Concern:


Tinaj Arts & Sports Academy (TASA) is partnering with public and private schools in Los Angeles to create after school enrichment programs. We currently offer after school programs for elementary, middle school and high school students.


We carry liability insurance, provide all the equipment, handle registrations, and provide the advertising materials (flyers). All our instructors undergo a rigorous background check and training. In particular, the instructors are trained to be self-sufficient and not to expect or need any support from the school administration or volunteers. The maximum students per class is 15 to 20, and we provide multiple instructors if necessary. The duration of the programs can vary between six months to a  year based on the specific needs of each school. Our programs are aligned to the Common Core Standards to ensure that they supplement school efforts to improve student achievement. Each of the following after school programs would make a great addition to your school's extra-curricular activities: tutoring, soccer, martial arts, stage combat, drama, improv, stage to screen, audition for camera, cooking, etc…


Our Mission with the TASA Fun and Fit After School Clubs is to focus on the health and well-being of our community’s youth. It is important for children to stay physically fit throughout the year. Physical fitness decreases obesity and the risk of juvenile diabetes. Research also shows that physical activity improves: cardiovascular health, joint development, bone growth, strength and flexibility.


At the TASA After School, we provide classes called clubs, activities, and games that focus on these core areas and aim to keep your children fit and active all year long! 


Physical activity after a long school day provides children and youth an opportunity to be active and take a break from sedentary classroom activities. Physical activity breaks can increase daily physical activity levels of youth, and leave them more focused and ready to return to their academic studies at home or the next day. 


Would you consider offering any of these programs/classes at your school this winter or spring?


Sincerely Yours,


Amy Cox

Operations Manager

Afterschool Enrichment Solutions

Phone: 310 – 866- 7298  



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